Friday, November 6, 2020

Budding Iconic Supermodel Reincarnation and Reinvention

 Dear Adoring Fans,

It's been a while and I wanted to let you know that I went to the Rainbow Bridge not too shortly after my escapades at NY Fashion Week 2011.  My spirit lives on however through the New Natasha Finkel, the latest Persian - a shaded golden type (not like me whatsoever because I'm am utterly irreplaceable and iconic vs her - though my Mistress of Beauty and Adventure doesn't think that at all - well, kind of sort of.   Sometimes she can be a total bitch but I love her anyway because she fed me, gave me love, I was able to teach her things and vice versa and of course, made me a Star!  Plus as we Jewish Persian Cats believe in reincarnation as taught by the Kabbalah, I was able to send some sparks down on from on high to bring my soul into the New Natasha Finkel.  So really, what's in a name and what's in her soul - ME!

Golden Shaded Dollface Persian

Elton John's "The Bitch is Back"

After the Veterinarian on Warren Street in Brooklyn said it was time to say her goodbyes to me, my Mistress of Beauty and Adventure held my paw and squeezed it incessantly and was crying like it was Niagara Falls .  Frankly, I was embarrassed for her though it was kind of charming, I "smized" with my eyes and told her telekinetically it was totally OK to say goodbye.  She understood that it was time and gave the ok to the Veterinarian in the white lab coat with the syringe.

Niagara Falls, NY

You see, I got cancer of the kidneys and my body blew up - which does not work for budding Supermodels of the Pussycat World or in the entire Animal Kingdom including Masters and Mistresses or, for a budding cat supermodel who is truly catty and sometimes a completely demanding bitch like myself -- especially when I am in excruciating pain from Louboutins that are too small when I'm stomping on the catwalk, hungry and want my Fancy Feast Medley Chicken Florentine or certainly in pain from Cancer!  I  am who I am and I'm never going to change because that's my catty, bitchy, fashion forward nature.  And that's why you absolutely ADORE ME, my adoring fans, because you know - I have a certain je ne sais quoi.  That's French for "I simply do not know!" - literally!

I had gotten all sorts of cat modeling gigs after my debut at Mercedes Benz NY Fashion Week 2011 but the Cancer got in the way.  And in show business, the show must go on and I simply could not!  It was rather disappointing given how hard I had worked to get to that point but I did get a ton of press which hopefully I can leverage through the New Natasha Finkel, I mean ME, I mean this blog!  Vice magazine, DNA Info, Yahoo News Russia, Yahoo News India and Reuters picked me up.  I even had a an appearance on the equivalent of "Good Morning America" but for Germany along with my Mistress of Beauty and Adventure!  And I did get a ton of cat modeling gigs out of it.  I was well on my way!  Oh well!  The Angels in Kitty Heaven are beginning to play their violins, not harps for ME!  Every time I tell this story, this is what I get!

So my hapless Mistress of Beauty and Adventure (who can never seem to get things right in her life), immortalized me and decided to make it her business to see my dreams of world domination, pussycat supermodeldom and moguldom come true by naming the New Natasha Finkel, simply Natasha Finkel -- switching out the old photograph of ME for the new reincarnation of me and turning it into a "Lassie" type entertainment franchise!  She thinks she's soooo smart and frankly sometimes she is!  Because I would have done the same sneaky thing!  Because you know - I'm a Persian cat first and foremost and a pretty smart gorgeous pussycat at that!

It took the new Natasha Finkel a while to get her voice though.  Because let's face it - it's simply sparks of me.  9 years have passed, Trump came and tried to grab her pussy and now Biden/Harris have been elected.  I can't blame her for trying to find her voice after the past 4 years.   She isn't ME, but she is ME and I will let her pick it up from here and pass on the mic!

From beyond the grave and I won't let you forget it (or ME) ADORING FANS!

Don't You Forget About ME!  Simple Minds

Purrs n Kisses,

Natasha Finkel