Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fat Cats

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is well underway. I've been in such a frenzy preparing for the shows making sure my stomp is just right and going for tons of "go sees" as well as managing my hectic schedule with my bookers.

Being a slim, beautiful and uber lean pussycat takes a lot of hard work. The pressure to keep a slim trim figure is all important in today's modeling world - whether you are a pussycat or a Mistress of Beauty and Glamour. Given my hairball issues, I can totally relate to the struggles of my kitty cat peers and those Mistresses - in terms of what they must contend with to maintain a size zero or two sample size and stick thin appearance where their arms resemble noodles and their heads look like bobbleheads.

With that said, there is a place for every shape and size of model. Take Helga Crittendorfer for example. Helga has been at the top of the plus size pussycat modeling world for years and elegantly demonstrates that there are many different types of beauty.

Helga Crittendorfer

Plus sized models seem to be gaining notoriety and respect in the business given the backlash against models that are impossibly thin. In the January "Size" issue of V, Crystal Renn, plus size supermodel extraordinaire was posed side by side with Jacquelyn Jablonski (a size 2 model) via Models.com

Jacquelyn Jablonski shot by Terry Richardson

Crystal Renn shot by Terry Richardson

Superstar plus size model Crystal Renn was recently interviewed in the New York Times about this matter. She said, "Normal is the new overweight."
Not to be mean, but honestly, I don't want to look at fat models in the magazines. I don't think that models should be so impossibly thin, but some of these plus size models look like they've been on steroids for far too long!

Speaking of Fat Cats, there are plenty of them hanging around the tents at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Those people at Goldman Sachs really have a lot of nerve! Just because they stole the US economy and that of Greece and probably Portugal, Italy and Spain too, does it give them and sleazy shadow banker hedge fund jerks the right to enter the tents? Do they really think that Models of the pussycat world and Mistresses of the Beauty and Glamour world are that stupid? I think we need to protest! I can't speak for the other models, but I'm an intellectual and never suffer a fool!

Protesters outside of Goldman Sachs Headquarters -- Alex Wong/Getty Images

I say, let's give PETA the boot and get the anti Goldman protesters on board! We need our economy back so we can buy FASHION and get back to work! Because this year at the tents and on the party circuit, I heard someone say that "Austerity is the new Black!" And we all know that the world of Fashion is completely predicated on EXCESS!!

Just ask Tyra's Miss Jay....He looked bored in the tents this year!

Here's another concept: Why did America's favorite billionaire, St. Warren Buffett, choose to invest billions in Goldman Sachs as opposed to saving any of the other too big to fail financial institutions? What did he know and when did he know it? Can you spell COVER UP?

This could be bigger than Watergate!

My friend, David Caploe, PHD, the Princeton and Harvard educated Political Economist at Economywatch.com discusses this "800 lb Gorilla in the Room" matter in great detail. There are some very interesting questions posed indeed that the mainstream media has completely overlooked.

Well, adoring fans, I must head off to some post show parties. I promise to write in soon with more exciting news!