Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Muse (ment) Quest!

I was expecting to see Spencer Tunick, the highly influential and respected artist and photographer at Art Hamptons last week in order to interview him and inquire as to whether I could become his artistic muse. Unfortunately he was no where to be found.

Purrhaps that's because he's in the midst of organizing a massive photo shoot scheduled for September 17th to highlight the plight of the Dead Sea in Israel. To further acquaint you with Spencer Tunick's amazing work, below are some of the iconic images he has created!

Grand Central Station Installation by Spencer Tunick

Spencer Tunick - Sydney Opera House

Spencer Tunick - Dusseldorf Photo Shoot Installation

Spencer Tunick's work took him to Montauk Point two years ago and it was quite a happening - just like all of Spencer's photo shoots! As I got to thinking about this, I was wondering what indeed he would have said to me. I had all sorts of fantasies including an interview that I would like to share with you my adoring fans!

Montauk Point Installation by Spencer Tunick 2009

Natasha Finkel: Spencer, would you be open to doing a photo shoot in Montauk again?

Spencer Tunick: No, I never do shoots in the same location twice. There are so many interesting places to photograph. My work has taken me to Irish Castles, Grand Central Station, The Sydney Opera House, Mexico City, Amsterdam and Dusseldorf as well as many other interesting locales!

Natasha Finkel: Spencer, would you be open to doing a photo shoot with cats?

Spencer Tunick: Well, I've never done that before. I've only worked with Masters and Mistresses. As long as the cats BEHAVE and FOLLOW my posing instructions and other rules carefully, that would be very interesting!

Natasha Finkel: What are your rules specifically, Spencer? I need to know what's involved with one of your photo shoots!

Spencer Tunick: For Pussycats?

Natasha Finkel: Of course! I am a Pussycat. Can't you tell?

Spencer Tunick: Let's see. Since you are a long furred Persian cat, I would request that you shave your fur. You can keep your mane and a little pouf on your tail, but I would recommend that you get a Lion's cut.

Natasha Finkel: Why are you recommending such a thing Spencer?

Spencer Tunick: My art is about masses of bodies that are treated as an overall sculpture. It's not about a particular Master or Mistress or a particular Pussycat. As most cats have short hair, I will need to make sure that you don't stand out and detract from the overall feeling of the photo shoot. I view the body (Master, Mistress or Pussycat) as a form of a sculpture. My shoots are called "Installations" for that reason!

Natasha Finkel: That sounds like a very interesting proposition. You see, I've been having some problems in the Pussycat modeling world now that short fur is "in" and long fur is "out"! I really need to re-invent myself in Fashion. After all, I'm not getting any younger and it is a youth culture obsessed society that we live in - for Masters and Mistresses as well as Pussycats!

Spencer Tunick: This could very well be a way to re-invent your persona Natasha!

Natasha Finkel: OK, getting back to your rules.

Spencer Tunick: When you get your fur shaved off, you are only allowed to have little tufts of fur, on your paws, a pouf on your tale and yes, you can keep your mane. I work exclusively with nude body forms.

Natasha Finkel: I'm relieved. Did you know that my mane was trademarked? Though the thought of shaving off my fur is rather traumatic for me. My fur is my pride!

Spencer Tunick: No Natasha. I did not know that. But you will have to deal with it and be a big tough pussycat if you want to do this. Getting to my rules, here they are:
Don't get large tattoos as they may stand out in the photo. I usually work with Masters and Mistresses, but I am open to all breeds of pussycats and they must blend with one another, just like the Masters and Mistresses must do!

Natasha Finkel: I was thinking of getting a large one on my body - a giant dragon just like the Mistress of Beauty and Glamour that used to work exclusively for Jean Paul Gaultier in the 90's. So I guess I'll hold off on that!

Spencer Tunick: You must stay perfectly still and do as you are told. Can you do that?

You must get up before dawn for the shoot and no cameras are allowed on set.
Since you will be shaved, you will not have a pony tail so we don't have to worry about that.
You are not allowed to look at the other cats doing the shoot as they are modest even though they are doing a group nude photo shoot.

Realize that you cannot be a star as it's all about the formation and shape of the bodies, more so than your awesomely stunning looks!

Realize this is not KITTY PORN, IT IS FINE ART!

There may be many "Gay" kitty cats and "Fat Cats" there. You don't have to be a supermodel to participate. There may even be some "purrverts" but I try to screen for that.

Because you are who you are Natasha, the other cats my be in awe of your natural beauty so be prepared for other cats to look and you and realize that some cats can be unscrupulous, just like some Masters and Mistresses.. They may sneak a picture of you on their cellular phone as memento which could turn up on the internet - even though it's NOT ALLOWED!

You must sign an artistic release!

Do not be un-nerved by the fly caster fisherman who are looking at all of the naked pussycat bodies in amazement. There will be about 500 pussycats on site doing the shoot! I'm thinking we'll do this in Sagaponack at Peter's Pond as it's one of the coolest beaches in the Hamptons! Plus, it's very close to where you stay with your Mistress!

Realize Natasha that you cannot be a star in the photo shoot as it's all about the formation and shape of the posed bodies...much more so than your actual looks. If you try to be a star, IT WILL GET YOU REMOVED FROM THE SHOOT, so you need to make absolutely certain that you don't stand out too much! We may very do Kitty Yoga poses!

Natasha Finkel: Wow Spencer. Anything else you need to tell me beforehand?

Spencer Tunick: Typically, I have a waiting list for participants, but because you brought this idea to me, I will give you extra special consideration and put you to the front of the list to participate in my first ever Pussycat photo shoot!

You will be IMMORTALIZED, but not like how Marilyn Monroe was with Bert Stern! However, you will have participated in an event that you will treasure for the rest of your 9 LIVES!

Natasha Finkel: Anything else I need to know? And by the way, I have 12 lives, unlike other Pussycats!

Spencer Tunick: Natasha, you and all of the other pussycat participants will receive a complimentary signed artwork as my personal gift for being an active participant in my art work after I have developed the film and selected the best out takes from the shoot!

I always have a secret after party for all participants after the shoot. But if you want, we can go out for catnip pancakes later as nudity seems to bring out the hunger in everyone - perhaps at Estia's Little Kitchen or at the Poxabogue Golf Club!

Natasha Finkel: Spencer, you have been an absolute angel! Thank you for letting me inspire you and for sharing the details of what goes on at your photo shoots. One more question: Can I be your Muse?

Spencer Tunick: Natasha, when you rub up to me, you make it very difficult for me to say no. However, I don't have any other muses other than my wife! So I'm afraid I'll have to take a pass on this one. However, we shall remain in touch and stay friends.

One more thing: You and your adoring fans can buy my art through Salomon Contemporary. I am a working artist!

Natasha Finkel: Purrfect Spencer! Thank you so much for your time and I will definitely direct my adoring fans to your fabulous, highly collectible art! It's not only beautiful, but I hear it's a great investment!

Salomon Contemporary is located at 526 West 28th Street, New York, NY 212-727-0807 Call to inquire about Spencer Tunick prints and tell them Natasha Finkel sent you!


The CJ Political Report dot com said...

Meow, my friend.

Natasha Finkel said...

Meow right back at you! ROARRRRR!

Cat Wisdom 101 said...

This is hysterical. Since he only photographs naked bodies, how about a group of the hairless Sphinx breed?

Natasha Finkel said...

Spencer doesn't discriminate when it comes to fur. He just doesn't want any pussycat to stand out! Just like he would NEVER photograph white mistresses and masters exclusively, he would NEVER do a sphynx only photo shoot! As long as I get a Lion's cut, I'll be fine!

Veronica said...

Good stuff ! The hairless sphynx comment was pretty funny :-)