Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brazilian Hair Straightening for Persian Cats @ Pierre Michel NYC

I am being taken by my Mistress of Beauty and Adventure to the Pierre Michel salon at 135 East 57th Street on the 3rd floor in NYC. Pierre Michel has just undergone a major renovation and has moved to the 3rd floor from the Street level. We're going to visit our friend and adoring fan Belle DeVizia who is going to give me the Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatment with Keratin for Persian Cats.

Pierre Michel does Mistresses of Beauty and Adventure as a rule, but they are making an exception for me because I'm a budding supermodel/author/comedian/actress/on air spokesperson and bona fide celebrity in the making and they are considering diversifying their business because of these tough economic times!

Belle DeVizia is the hair colorist and makeup artist extraordinaire that does all of the color and make up for my Mistress of Beauty and Adventure. She's been going to her for years because Belle DeVizia knows color and does a terrific job on Celebrities, Mistresses of Beauty, Models, Famous Actresses, Socialites and Famous Personalities and Characters like me. Plus, she is a wonderful, down to earth, kind person who LOVES animals and owns a beautiful Yorkshire Terrier named Cosmo who is my buddy!!!! If I weren't a cat, I would definitely date Cosmo! He's really cute and sweet!

So if you're looking for the best colorist out there, call Pierre Michel @ 212-755-9500 and ask for Belle DeVizia. Make sure to mention me when you meet Belle because she will take great care of you and she likes to know where her referrals come from! Plus, as an added bonus, Belle DeVizia will give you a complimentary makeup application with Laura Mercier and MAC products so you can look your fashionista fashion best!!!

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