Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chilling and Stretching

Hello adoring fans! It's been a whirlwind week....you see, my Mistress of Beauty and Adventure celebrated her birthday and all hell broke loose in the Hamptons! First I put her to work cleaning out my litter box so the home would show nicely for potential renters.

Then, she discovered that there was no water in the house. So she invited a strange man over to the house who inspected her very cramped and "tight" crawl space very carefully with a flood light for cob webs and proceeded to prime her well pump to make sure that the water would start flowing.

Unfortunately, the well pump required more work for him to get it going and he had to work for hours on the project to get the water flowing. It was a very noisy affair I must say and the rest is now history! Oops...she tells me that I am not allowed to tell anymore stories about her exploits. Some people are just no fun!

Speaking of fun, my Mistress took me for a day of beauty at the world famous Gurney's Inn and Spa in Montauk, NY. She felt that I was stressing out too much over this lack of water issue and that I needed some serious rejuvenation before Fashion Week! So we did a mother/daughter day of beauty of sorts!

One of the best kept secrets of the Hamptons is Gurney's Day Pass. For $30 per person or per cat, you get to use the facilities of this world class resort that specializes in Thalasso therapy.

Gurney's usually doesn't allow Persians full access to the Spa, but they are trying to spur business among the budding supermodel set! It's a good thing I insisted on bringing my Bunny Couture bikini because I love going in the unisex heated indoor salt water pool!

Thalasso therapy is sea water therapy and Gurney's is the only true Thalasso therapy facility in the entire United States! Sea water has remarkable properties. Sea water contains 120 chemical compounds in the form of salts and dissolved gases. It is very rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements in very similar proportions to the human blood plasma. It also contains microorganisms that produce antibiotic, antiviral and antibacterial substances. Sea water is heated to 82 degrees in Gurneys' indoor pool, and 94 degrees in their hydrotherapy baths to optimize exchanges with the body. The effect is that the body recharges itself with minerals and trace elements, therefore detoxifying and re-balancing all body functions.

Seaweed, the crop of the sea, has an even greater concentration of sea water minerals, and provides a virtual pharmacy of beneficial elements.

The sea air, rich in negative ions and sea minerals plays a very special part in the Thalasso therapy program. Beach walking at the edge of the sea promotes the inhalation of the minerals, which are then absorbed through the lungs directly into the blood stream. The high concentration of negative ions, which is so characteristic of a healthy climate, contributes to the vitalization of the body. Plus, if you ask me, the beach is like one giant sandbox just waiting to be explored by me!

Another important element of Thalasso therapy is aquatic exercise. Exercise in the heated sea water pool allows for movement and flexibility not available on land. The increase in hydrostatic pressure against the body increases circulation, stimulates the kidneys and promotes digestion. One cannot say one has experienced Thalasso therapy without doing water aerobics!

This is totally different than the Russian holy water experience!

I just love going in the super heated roman baths, the swiss shower, eucalyptus steam room, the salt water pool and of course using the gym so I can keep my buttocks toned! My Mistress also treated me to an anti-aging, oxygen facial. She's really the best!

We're also looking into going away for a real week or two of indulgence. Our friend, Ivy Markaity, does a yoga retreat for Mistresses, Mistresses of Beauty and Adventure and Mistresses of Beauty and Fashion at a luxe Estancia just a few hours outside of Buenos Aires.

We may go for a yoga weekend and wine tasting affair after Fashion Week. Ivy just informed me that she is also hosting a yoga retreat for pussycats - hosted by her hunky cat Piggy who comes from an esteemed family of Acrobats who have worked for Cirque du Soleil. The first weekend starts February 19th through the 21st at The Estancia La Oriental.

In case you don't know, Piggy has perfected some brand new yoga poses including the Crouching Tiger and the Lion pose! So if you're sick of the downward dog position and want some equal time, this could be the purrrfect place for you to chill with your Mistress!

Well, that's all for now and I look forward to touching base with all of you very soon!

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